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Have a good day, and God bless you.
17 October 2010 - Sherbrooke, Québec

beautiful music love it
11 October 2010 - La Quint Ca

"I Can Only Imagine" and "Creation" pieces are so inspiring. I have played them at least 10 times and cry with joy each time. I am 77 and nearing the end of my earthly existance. The music and words to "I can Only Imagine" are so close to my heart now more than ever before.
11 October 2010 - Manhattan, Kansas

I don't think I've ever been more inspired.your music and videos are spectacular.I am thankful I received this website from a good friend.God Bless us all !!!!
29 September 2010 - Florida

Merrilee and Roger
I love how your songs are so inspirational.
24 September 2010 - Iowa

i like your music
23 September 2010 - ky

Well, I am just trying this website out. I am deaf and wanted to see if you have open or closed captioned christian songs, like the ones in Andes Isle. I love your songs there - very touching! I will check out other parts of your website.
10 September 2010 - Sacramento, CA

Rachel McCann
I want to Thank all of our Men and Women whom has joined the Military and are fighting for us.I especially want to thank my son whom is in Navy Bootcamp right now and let him know I am so proud of him!!!!!!!!
7 September 2010 - Kentucky

a friend forwarded your site and as i listened it brought peace to a troubled spirit. TY for what you share so freely.
29 August 2010 - Massachusetts

Patsy Moltz
I have ordered all 7 set.can't wait to get them. Your music is awsome and I know I will enjoy for years to come. I am going to share them with my church, which will probably get more orders from some of the members. Great work and may God bless you!
15 August 2010 - Tecumseh, OK

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