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Thank you for these wonderful DVD's and CD's. They truly are spectular.
21 November 2011 - Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Very beautiful Site.Love your music.Could you add me to your mailing list
17 November 2011

Jenny wankmueller
Thank you so for your song and remembering those whonput there lives on the line for ech us to be able enjoy and be free ton listen to yourvsong, the message and the lyrics touch and say exactly why our young men and women are out there doing what they do.
11 November 2011 - Fort hood, Texas (killeen)

I need a patriotic military video to download onto a cd or dvd for our Veterans day church service.
7 November 2011 - Shawnee, ok. 74801

ofelia alvarez
thanks for this wonderful web. god bless
28 October 2011 - cuba

i just want to say im a fan of yours ronnie
11 September 2011 - rancho cordova cali

jackie sader
I love this web sight found it on accident I have been supporting the veterans and troops for along time honoring and adopting soldiers. THIS IS AMAZING WHAT YOU DO
30 August 2011 - ARIZONA

Hi Michael, I tried to email you with no success. I am looking for the song, "Jesus, be the ruler of all the kingdoms of my heart". I heard it on the radio awhile back and thought it was so good but so far, can't find it online. You helped me before to find "When they ring those golden bells for me" so I thought maybe you can help me with this. I have your Songs of Solace Album and enjoy listening. Whichever way you answer, thanks.
12 August 2011 - Windham, OH

I'll be back to place an order.
17 July 2011 - MA

I find these songs very inspiring and peaceful.
23 June 2011 - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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