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one of the most wonderful and inspiring sites online.
24 October 2008 - west virginia

Thanks for the beautiful songs and messages. They are giving me strength to get through some challenges and get things into perspective.
23 October 2008 - Ontario, Canada

I really enjoyed the poem and listening to the soft music playing. It touched my heart and I hope it will touch other hearts. Love & Prayers Your Sister In Christ Sandra R.
22 October 2008 - Springfield, Mo.

Howard Cecil
This was such an inspiration. Thanks so much. May God Richly bless you all.
21 October 2008 - San Jose, Ca

A friend of mine I met through taking night classes, Raymond, sent me a video of "I Can Only Imagine". It filled my heart with peace and inspiration. I viewed "In You I found Me" and want to send it back to him as a thank you. This music is beautiful.
14 October 2008 - Massachusetts

Thank-you, I will use this in my work. I know the music will bless us. I pray your needs will be supplied so you can continue Reaching Higher. Thanks again.
12 October 2008 - Vero Beach Florida

very grateful to my co-worker & friend of 33 yrs.for thinking to share this web-site with me and many more I'll be passing this on to. God Bless Us Everyone
12 October 2008 - prince albert,sask.Canada via Verdun,Quebec

I am a 70 year old woman Mr. Kimball, and you music so inspires me. If I could I would have all of your albums I would, however this is not possible. I do get to listen to the one for free on your site, and I thank you for this. I thank Ande's Isles for introducing me to your awesome music.
3 October 2008 - Mannford Oklahoma

Enjoyed the music very much. It brightened my day. Thanks
27 September 2008 - Garden Grove Ca

I love you website. The music and video's inspires me and gives me hope. Thank you and GOD BLESS
24 September 2008 - Bakersfield, CA

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