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Please let me know when the Christmas DVD will be available, preferably as part of a complete 6cd and 3dvd package. Thank you for your ministry. W. Gosnell
2 September 2012 - Alabama, USA

Mario Murzello
Love this site, very beautiful, inspiring and filled with sensational music You are truly a blessing to the world
11 August 2012 - Sydney, Australia

Jackie Brodersen
Love the song Liberty. I have a son in Afghanistan at the moment and want to sing this at a VFW event. sure wish I had the chords. But Im going to try to figure them out. Love your music. Thank You
26 June 2012 - Redding California

I Love the song There Must Be A Reason. would love to have it.
3 June 2012 - Corinth , Ms

Kent Hofheins
Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3 June 2012 - Beaver Utah

Stephen Ussery
WOW! Ran across your video as I was searching for an appropriate presentation for our Memorial Day church service. Your video honoring heroes really speaks the sentiments our church embraces. May God continue to use you to minister to everyone you meet. Thanks for reaching higher!
26 May 2012 - Oklahoma

This is the 2nd time I have ordered this."I can only Imagine" I dance worship to it and the dvd I have is getting old. I have even danced with it in India. I am a missionary there. I am on the schedule to dance with it on Sunday 27 at our church and hope I get it in one week so I can be prepared. Thank you.
13 May 2012 - McKinney Texas

Linda Holliday
I follow Jesus, I Love God and I Love others! I am proud to be a child of God!
27 April 2012 - Moncton NB, Canada

Beautiful songs.Touched my heart. My son is a drummer in a Christian Band called "Sanctifire" I can just hear them play these songs. Especially the duets. The girl in the band has sung 'Via Delorosa" on several Easter services. Beautiful song.
30 March 2012 - Chelmsford, Mass

Via Delorosa is one of the most clearly displayed and sung message of God's love and salvation for all people. Thank you for offering it for a very reasonable price.
28 March 2012 - Indiana

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