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I look forward to more DVD's like this one. Absolutely beautiful
10 November 2008 - Arkansas

Your music gives me the peace I've been searching for.thankyou so much!
10 November 2008 - OK

So inspiring, peaceful and thought provoking. Thank you for your wonderful talent. God bless.
8 November 2008 - Brandon, MS

Your music is so comforting. I really love it.
5 November 2008 - Fountain Hills, Az.

Loved "The First Christmas" so much
2 November 2008 - Lafayette,LA

Wow! Absolutely fantastic. Thank you for lifting my spirit!
31 October 2008 - Newport Beach, California

Jennifer Leigh Manfredi
I have the cd at home, ive had the honor of working with Richard Berardi at private projects hes an inspiration hope to again someday!
30 October 2008 - NJ

One of the most beautiful and inspiring website I've seen. A bonus that you offer DVDs. I've just ordered Andie's Isle DVD Collection, and can hardly wait to get it. Hope to show it on a large screen to a christian group. Thank you for touching my heart.
29 October 2008 - Oregon

I just wanted to say, how much your CD's mean to me.I've ordered a few, including Andies Isle.And oh how much I so enjoy it. There are times, I'm not able to attend church, but by the help of your music, worship God right here in my home. Have shared with many, over troubled times, as well as happy times. God Bless all of you, for using the internet in such a positive way, to share Jesus and the word of God. I so appreciate all of your music. Thank you.
28 October 2008 - Woodstock, Georgia

Jeff Duncan
Pokey, What beautiful pictures you have taken. I remember working with you at Wakefields and always how you loved old barns. I travel all over Georgia and to this day as I travel the back roads of Georgia I still think about you when I see old barns and churchs. Glad to see you have done well. Next time I am in Anniston/Oxford I will come by and visit the shop in Oxford. Take care. Your friend, Jeff Duncan
26 October 2008 - Bremen Georgia (Originally Jville)

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