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Hi Richard and Michael, Just want to wish you and your family a most Blessed and Merry Christmas Season. Times are squeaky for many, but your devotion to spreading the love of Christ through your music is a gift to the world. Thank you for your courage and fortitude in doing so. Through the past few years I have ordered your music and always love it. It is soothing, but inspirational as well. Merry Christmas Rob and Mike
30 November 2008 - Lake Hiawatha New Jersey 07034

What a joy to have such beautiful music to listen to in our day of troubles. Truly the Lord GOD has blessed you and you have blessed the world for sharing. GOD BLESS YOU and a million thanks for sharing!
22 November 2008 - Georgia

Thank you for bringing me back to my peaceful place.
18 November 2008 - Georgia

Pamela Bowers
Thank you!! I think this is the best email I ever gotten from anyone. Look forward to hearing more from you
17 November 2008 - Roswell, NM

15 November 2008 - FLORENCE, SC

i thank you so much for such an inspiring lifts my heart and soul everytime i visit it. thank you again god bless you and yours
15 November 2008 - chester,nova scotia,canada

i purchased the christian music collection -vol 1,i just want you to know it is awesome. keep up the good work
15 November 2008 - illinois

kahaleen oneill
these are the most beautiful cd/dvd i ever saw. i purchased them immediately
12 November 2008

i think you are doing great and keep up the good work.your music is very touching and heart felt.thanks for a great job
12 November 2008 - powhatan point ohio

Got your web site from a friend who sings in her church, my husband and I sing in our church, so we are interested in doing different music each monh, so she told us to look on your site
11 November 2008 - Kingman Az

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