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good sight.
29 December 2008 - sioux falls sd

linda rybka
Good morning, Someone sent me a sample of your music and I love it. It is a nice reminder that you are never alone, even though at times you feel like you are. Thank you, linda rybka
28 December 2008 - Redford, Michigan

What an inspiration. Recieved this as a forwarded E-mail from a valued friend Missy Kellerman,Pinckneyville. I never thought I would spend more than 2 hours looking and listening to something like this. Keep up the good work. PHIL A
24 December 2008 - Marion, Illinois 62959

A wonderful site to fill a need in one's heart and soul.
23 December 2008 - Cedar Falls, Iowa

I loved "The First Christmas Gift". (It was sent to me via email from my nephew in Florida) So I was inspired to order the cd, of others. "I Can Only Imagine" is my sister's very favorite song. She is a strong believing Christian who has been in God's service as a teacher for many years. I know she will love this.
23 December 2008 - Texas

What a great website, thanks for the wonderful music. God Bless you and your family during the Holidays and thru out the year. sheila
21 December 2008 - Springhill,florida

Rosalie Rehberg
I was sent this e-mail information by one of my church sisters. I have sent this e-mail address to all my christian and non-christian friends. I have been truly blessed by watching and reading the words on the videos. I want to thank you for being a blessing to others also. May God bless you and your business.I would like to purchase all your videos with the words included in the video, soon.
21 December 2008 - Crestline, Ca.

Cheryl L. Terravecchia
Exhiliarating !! The most beautiful way of spreading God's word.Thank you.
17 December 2008 - Brownsville, Pa.

The song, "I Can Only Imagine" has changed my life. thank you and God bless you and yours in Jesus' Name!!
17 December 2008 - Ontario

Thank you for an awesome opportunity to share these DVD's. A friend sent the 'Christmas Gift' link to me via email and I enjoyed it very much. I pray I receive the order I just placed before Christmas, even though I saw that any orders prior to 12/15 could not be guaranteed by Christmas I understand but I would so much love to show the First Christmas at our family gathering Christmas night. Thank you for the awesome presentations!
17 December 2008 - Sanford, FL

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