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I have had the pleasure of knowing Pokey & Marti Warren since the early 1980's in Anniston, AL. We churched, sang, danced, ate, and enjoyed nature and life together. I have a wonderful collection of Pokey's pics; he's such a wonderful viewer of beauty. I'm so glad to see he's finally "out there" for all to see. The music is awesome, as is God's glory seen through his camera and displayed in his photos.
9 June 2009 - currently in Amarillo Texas

A friend sent this to me and the song is absolutely awesome, thankyou all so much for your sharing this. Yes I believe I have found me.
6 June 2009 - Oregon

Susan Long
Your new CD Piano Peace is beautiful. I loved listening to the music the samples. Such beautiful pictures and scriptures to go along with music. I will order this to play during my daily devotions. Thank you and God bless!
12 May 2009 - Anchorage

You Liberty Video and Song are very fitting.
2 May 2009 - South Louisiana

hi it a pretty song i enjoyed it very much debbie
26 April 2009 - woodbine ky

Sheila J. Verdugo
Your web site is very uplifting and the songs are wonderful.
21 April 2009

Donna Martin
I loved your tribute to our troops. My daddy made the Air Force his career and taught us all to respect our country, flag and soldiers. I always cry when I see these tributes to our hero's and I am one who is very proud to be an American. God Bless you for helping us remember what our country was founded on. God Bless America!
17 March 2009 - Altamont, Kansas

Thank you for the music. It helps as our own son trains for a tour in Iraq and then on to Afghanistan. We are more proud of him than you can imagine.
25 February 2009 - Crown Point, IN

Roberta Thomas
Your music is so soothing to the soul & mind; in this busy & very hectic world we need peace & gentle thoughts to inspire our troubled lives. Thank you
8 February 2009 - Scottsdale, AZ

james doran
I'm the Chaplain at American Legion Post 610 in Brook Park (Cleveland), Ohio. We have over 1,000 members and I do many ceremonies wherein I use musical videos. Hope you can be of help!
7 February 2009 - United States

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