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Ronnie, You are a very talented young man. I went to High School in Panama City, Fl and graduated with your mother. I know she is very proud of you and your music is beautiful.
24 September 2009 - Panama City, Fl class of 51

You can never do enough for God, who has given us the ultimate gift of salvation. This is a free gift that we only have to believe on the name of Jesus. Since I have decided to live for God, my journey and present day filling of the holy ghost leads me to where I can walk even closer with Him. It is because of all He has done that I am who I am. I am truly grateful to know Him and am overwhelmingly indebted that He reached out His hand to me and drew me back. I am truly blessed.
23 September 2009 - Leesburg, Virginia

Donna Archambault
I truly enjoy the music and the videos. may god continue to use you for his glory. Donna.
15 September 2009 - McLaughlin, South Dakota

I love your music
11 September 2009 - Crossville TN

I found your site in Bing and like it very much. Awesome design!
9 September 2009 - USA

Brian Chiwela pr
Greetings I would love to be Part and Parcel of this great ministry and work of God.i am a Male person And right now i am at bible College undergoing a some training as a missionary and a church planter
8 September 2009 - Zambia - Africa

Felecia and Christopher
beautiful music first time that we have heard it
2 September 2009 - Florida

A messenger of Jesus Christ
29 July 2009

Judy Klein
BEAUTIFUL MUSIC!!! I am organist at our small Methodist church and would like to find the written music to "He Will Be" to play uring our prayer meditation. Your help would be appreciated.
28 July 2009 - Denton, Texas

I have enjoyed the music & the words to so many of these songs by the artists & writers! I have sung some of these & have received compliments on them, the songs have blessed many people. Thank you for allowing me to share them with others!
12 July 2009 - Kalona,Iowa

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