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I really enjoyed Ronnie Kimball's version of "I Can Only Imagine. I wish to purchase his rendition of that most beautiful song. It is the best yet that I've heard and I many versions of that song. God bless you, Ronnie!!!!!
8 January 2006 - Harrisburg, Pa

hazel pavlu
I enjoy your site and your selection of music is wonderful
8 January 2006 - 41 union rd greenbrier ar

reeba thompson
So many roads in a great song. It really touched my heart.
8 January 2006 - parker, sd

Thanks for the song: I can only imagine. Is it on cd or only dvd. I am going to purchase the dvd but just wanted to know if its on cd also. I love this voice of Ronnie Kimball. can't stop listening and viewing the video makes me cry. God bless you and keep allowing Him to use you!
8 January 2006 - california

I listened to Ronnie sing, "I Can Only Imagine" and I must tell you, that it brought tears to my eyes, and such joy to my heart, knowing that one day we will be in His presence. Thank you for making me realize that. Lauren
7 January 2006 - Providence, R.I

Ronnie, your songs are food for the soul and a warm blanket of encouragement for the heart. Awesome and sincere voice!!!!! Jonathon
7 January 2006 - NYC

I have always loved the song I Can Only Imagine and when my hero my father passed away this was the only song I asked to be played at his service. His whole life was God and his family.This was the only song that truly expressed what his life would now be in Gods arms. Thank you.
7 January 2006 - Anchorage, Alaska

Thank you for the beautiful song So Many Roads.i purchased it i think it tells the story about matter where we go or what we do we always end up the same. with Christ. thank you for your web site. in Gods love mary
7 January 2006 - Milwaukee, Wi

I love your music and your new song So Many Roads is awesome! Can't wait to get the CD.
7 January 2006 - Los Angeles, CA

Michael and Richard Berardi
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We hope your New Year will be blessed !!
Thank you again,
Michael and Richard Berardi
7 January 2006

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