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I fully enjoyed your beautiful page and music. I have written about 34 poems and I was wondering if I may share them with you. Their Christian poems too. Mark Lowry wrote, "Mary Did You Know" and I finally got to meet him and he said that he remembers my "take off"poem that I wrote titled, "Mary What Was It Like'" and Mark said that he loves that poem and he also remembers the rest of the poems that I sent to him. So, may I share my poems with you? Please, keep up the beautiful work on this wonderful website. God bless you always, Vicki
15 January 2006 - Coloma, MI

I like your music and song lyrics. Especially the one about the Christmas Gift. and Liberity. May God Bless You,
14 January 2006 - Johnson City , Tenn.

Thank you so much for putting this all inspiring song on the internet! God Bless America and God Bless all the Brave Men and Women in who are FIGHTING for all Our Liberties and Freedoms! May Our Lord Jesus Christ Bless and Watch Over All of Us!
14 January 2006 - Arizona

God Bless you and the wonderful gift of music God has given to MRB records. Your music has touched my heart and soul. I plan to order if I can figure this out.
14 January 2006 - Washington State

I cried when I viewed and listened to "He Will Be" on andiesisle. The Lord really ministered to me with that song. God bless you for using your wonderful talents for Him. I will be ordering this CD soon.
14 January 2006 - Keyser, WV

What a Blessing this web site was when I visited it today! May God continue to bless you in the years ahead. Yours, In Christ
13 January 2006 - Newport, KY.

I found The first Christmas Gift to be a very beautiful song and kind of choke me up.
13 January 2006 - Hamilton, Ont. Canada

Thank you for being so loyal to your calling; your message and graphics are such a blessing to remind us of what we are waiting upon our return of Christ in his glory and a reminder of where our loved ones are. We plan to play your DVD "I Can Only Imagine" during the seating of my sons wedding guests; not only is it in memory of our mother/grandmother whom went home with the Lord but a fantastic witness for our family members whom have not your accepted Christ. Thank you for your blessing to us
13 January 2006 - California

Tiah Smith
I am looking for a way to get "The First Christmas Gift" for our next Christmas play. That is the PERFECT song!!!!
13 January 2006 - Pearl River, La.

Ronnie Kimball has inspired me to return to singing on the chor, just from this one song. I CAN ONLY IMAGINE! MY, MY, MY, This song touches your soul. I only can imagine trying to stand before JESUS and singing this song. GOD BLESS YOU ALL! !
13 January 2006 - BALTIMORE, MARYLAND

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