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Thank you for such an inspiring site. I am a 24-year veteran of the Army and Army Reserve (retiring in 1998) and appreciate the patriotic sites and am currently fighting a diagnosis of bladder cancer (age 56 and never a smoker). I believe in the Lord for a healing and have found strength and comfort in your site.
26 January 2006 - Punta Gorda, Florida

I enjoy your music, it touches my soul.
26 January 2006 - St Maarten, Netherlands Antiles

26 January 2006 - TEXAS

What a blessing
25 January 2006 - Florida but live in Georgia

Very good site! I like it! Thanks! carpet
25 January 2006 - USA

I came across your songs and site via Andie's site. Thank-you for the music! I will be looking to buy your music and will visit your site whenever I need inspiration. God bless you in your ministry!
25 January 2006 - Manitoba, Canada

Don Stamper
Beautiful music
25 January 2006 - Portsmouth, OH

I am a minister who seeks to help in the mending process of the "broken" restored to joyful living. I was so 'taken" by the lyrics and obvious understanding of the 'many roads' one travels in life . roads that can take us 'toward" Christ and those that lead us off track. God bless you for penning such inspiring and comforting "you can do it" lyrics and music. I will definitely point others to this site.
24 January 2006 - Kentucky

Elaine Gordon
The title song (I Can Only Imagine) Is beautiful. I was sent this song through an email and I listend to it over and over again. It is addicting. I have also sent this songs to my family members and friends to listen to. They love it. We wan to know how or where to purchase this songs and other songs that you may have. Please email me back with more details. GOD BLESS YOU.AND THANK YOU!
24 January 2006 - Chicago, Illinois

I was refered to this website by an email friend, what a wonderful gift, I have recommended it to other email buddys also. It was just to wonderful not to share. The graphics, music everything is so awesome and just touches your soul to listen and view. When Im uptight or having a tough day I just come here to feel His love, and I feel so much better! God bless and thank you for sharing your wonderful talents with us!
23 January 2006 - Chepachet, RI

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