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I was truly blessed when I heard the song "I Can Only Imagine." It truly blessed me. I ordered a copy of the CD for myself and one for my daughter. I know she will love it!
30 January 2006 - Fairfax, VA

Opal Arnette-Hodges
Thank you.Very refreshing and rewarding.
29 January 2006 - Indiana

The DVDs "I Can Only Imagine" and "So Many Roads" where so beautiful and moving, I was moved to tears. They touched me very much. Thank you for making these beautiful songs and music available.
28 January 2006 - Bridgeport, CT

I just love you songs they touch my heart my husband has left me and the mentally abuse I have put up with I need to start a new life and some of the words to your songs has made me see the light. Thank you
28 January 2006 - Mansfield, Texas

Sue Bradbuiry
Your music is wonderful
28 January 2006 - Texas

Very good site! I like it! Thanks!
28 January 2006 - USA

I found the "Songs of Solace" CD after viewing one of Andie's videos. We just bought the CD to use during communion at our church. Thanks for the beautiful songs.
27 January 2006 - Illinois

wendy hill
hi this is the most beautiful song i have ever heard my sister sent it to me, she was badly hurt in a abusive marriage that she is on disability for it and haveing a heck of a time. thank you she loved this song and i am buying her the c.d and myself one
27 January 2006 - superior wi

Danny and Judy
Thank you for the blessing
27 January 2006 - Monmouth, Oregon

Thank you for this wonderfull web site. I am in a very difficult moment in my life but listening to few of the song posted here gave me the strainght and hope for a better life. Thank you!
26 January 2006 - Canada

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