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Jane Boden
I really enjoyed "The First Christmas Gift" . It was simple and beautifully written. Loved the lead voice of Lon Gary.
9 February 2006 - PA

Amanda Hukill
I love this song called I can only immagine! What more does he have? I usually listen to the Crabbs but this is great! I'll listen to it also! How can I get more?
9 February 2006 - Dallas, TX

Thank you for making these dvd's available. This is exactly what our evening contemporary youth service needed. Been on the hunt for a while and yours are PERFECT. God's blessings to you and keep up His good work.
8 February 2006 - Patterson, NY

This is one of the most beautiful songs and DVD's I've seen. Keep up the good work. I will be e mailing to all my friends and family I pray all will order as I have just done.
7 February 2006 - Nashville, TN

I was so blessed! Thank you and may God continue to use your website to encourage people and bring them closer to God. May His richest blessings be upon you and your loved ones.
7 February 2006 - British Columbia, Canada

This site is very beautiful and makes me Proud to be an American. I have military background and a very proud American, May God continue to Bless each and everyone of us. As we keep in mind that God is in control and will always be in control we will always have a free America and may we continue to remind ourselves that it begins with: In God We Trust- One Nation Under God invisible with Liberty and Justice for All.
7 February 2006 - Proud Texas American

Eva Britt
I liked the song "I can only imagine" very much and me and my family got blessed
6 February 2006 - Sweden

I can only Imagine. Today, I was lifted into the presence of the Lord through the talent and gifts of those who produced this DVD. It humbles one to "imagine" what it will be like to behold the Lamb of God that took away my sins. Thanks to all.
6 February 2006 - South-central Pa.

your songs had done something to that I can't explen. like so many roads, To everybody back home, and others that I have listen too. I love the songs that you have done. Could our Church do these songs if it is ok? just the way you put everything right. May God Bless you an keep what your'e doing.
6 February 2006 - Bedford Texas,

dennis powner
its a great web site god bless

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