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I've been introduced by a friend. Lovely music. very soothing
11 May 2010 - Inuvik, NT, Canada

Ramon Hidalgo-Acosta
Thank you for your patriotic songs. I downloaded the free song "Liberty" and posted on my Facebook to share with everyone of my family and friends. Again, thank you and keep up the good work folks.
8 May 2010 - Texas, USA

lillie latimore
i love your music!!!!!!!!!
2 May 2010 - wadley georgia

Such lovely and inspirational music. c God bless.
30 March 2010 - Muncie, IN.

I am so blessed by your lovely music. Stay under the inspiration. God bless you. Ruth Frederick
23 March 2010 - Lynden WA

Thank you for allowing the use of this video for churches. I discovered this on you tube and it has stuck in my heart. thank God for people who use their talent to help others.
22 March 2010 - North Carolina

Danette Daigle
Hello! I wanted you to know that this is a wonderful web-site. I truly enjoy listening to what you offer. However, I was wondering seeing how I really truly don't have the money right now to buy anything, do you offer a free web-site so I can continue on enjoying this web-site & the beautiful spiritual music you offer. If you do please let me know. Thank you and take care & may God continue on Blessing us all always, as God always does!!!!!! Sincerely Your Friend Danette.
21 March 2010 - Clinton Township, Michigan

James W Crowder
God has given you your talent of the most soothing and encourageing music available. I can't wait to get the DVDs and CDs Love, Jimmy Crowder 1218 N. Glasscock Mission, Texas 78572
20 March 2010 - 1218 N. Glasscock

Lord knows we need such inspirational affirmation of our faith and I have found such solace just listening to the previewed samples and the complete songs from having visited Andie's page. so I have said in my heart that that I must one day own these wonderful songs that inspire me and rekindle my faith by leaps and bounds. Thank you for this wonderful experience.
13 March 2010 - now living in Gentry, Arkansas; originally from Shreveport

This is some of the most beautiful music arrangements I have heard
4 March 2010 - Georgia

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