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The song, "Bricks From the Ashes", reduced me to tears yet also gave me the feeling that I am not alone & I can survive this nightmare!
15 June 2014 - Southington, CT

I just want to thank Michael when I reached out to him several year ago when I was in the mist of domestic violence. It really touched my heart that he responded back to me and give me some words of encouragement. That meant more than I have words to say. God Bless you. Marie
24 April 2014 - United States

Hi Richard, I have just ordered your Reflections & Amazing Grace CDs. They are really great. I enjoy the quiet, restful music and yours is the best.
11 February 2014 - Ohio

Marta Gustafson
I have listened to the new song out - "You complete Me". I am looking to order is as soon as I can find the site to order. This is my first visit here so since I have not been on this site before I may find it here.
9 February 2014 - Currently Las Vegas, NV

Love this site. First found it when I was 15 (am 22 now). These songs are so inspirational. Helped me to find my faith when I was unsure what to believe. Helped me through some tough times in my life. Ronnie Kimball is an amazing singer (and person). Definitely recommend his music to people!
3 February 2014 - Oregon

We are all's how we use our wings that celebrates us!!!!!!Your wings are spread to every corner of Gods desire. Thank you for sharing your love to those in need and to those who don't even realize they are I need. We all need to inspire and be inspired.
27 December 2013 - Milford,Connecticut

The website is really great. Songs sound awesome! Keep up the CREATING!
30 September 2013 - Nashville

Dr. Walter Laseter
This is quite an inspiring web site with excellent prices. I will be purchasing from you when I have the time to come back. Keep up the good work! May the Lord bless your endeavors!!
17 September 13 - Emporia, VA

Mary K
Your songs are great
27 October 13 - In

This song was recently sung at my mother's funeral mass. It was so comforting and added a special beauty to the service. I think about the lyrics all the time and it brings great comfort that this will be an awesome experience for me someday. Thank you for providing such a great song.
23 October 2013 - cortland,NY

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